ICAND 2007


International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics 


Poipu Beach, Koloa (Kauai), Hawaii, September 24-27 2007


The meeting may be regarded as the logical successor to the 1997 ANDM (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics Near the Millennium) meeting, held in San Diego, USA, and the 2005 DANOLD (Device Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics) meeting, held in Catania, Italy. These meeting brought together researchers from physics, engineering, and biology who were involved in the analysis and development of applications that incorporate and, indeed, exploit the nonlinear behavior of certain dynamical systems. ICAND is the logical follow-on meeting; it will focus even more sharply on the implementation of theoretical ideas into actual devices and systems. However, realizing that theoretical ideas and discoveries march to the beat of their own drum, the meeting will also feature some novel theoretical ideas that have not yet made it to the drawing board, but show great promise for the future.




Inivited Speakers

1. William Ditto (Construction of a Chaotic Computer Chip)
2. Ho Bun Chan (Activated Switching in Parametrically-Driven Micromechanical Nonlinear Oscillators)
3. Raj Mohanty (Single and Coupled Nanomechanical Oscillators for Signal Processing and Computation)
4. Andy Kho (Coupled Core Fluxgate Magnetometer)
5. N. Sri Namachchivaya (Potpourri of Problems in Random Dynamical Systems)
6. Wouter-Jan Rappel (Noise and biology: the case of chemotaxis)
7. Bart Kosko (Applications of SR Forbidden Interval Theorems)
8. Salvatore Baglio (Smart materials and non linear dynamics for innovative transducers.)
9. Patrick Longhini ( Dynamics in non-uniform coupled SQUIDs)
10. Joe Neff (Applications for nonlinear and floating-gate based reconfigurable electronic circuits.)
11. Toshimichi Saito (Multi-Phase Synchronization and Parallel Power converters)
12. Ted Heath (Coupled Nonlinear Oscillator Array (CNOA) Technology - Theory and Design)
13. A. A. (Louis) Beex (Nonlinear Dynamics Effects of Adaptive Filtering in Narrowband Interference-Dominated Environments)
14. Chi K. Tse (Design-Oriented Bifurcation Analysis of Power Electronics Systems)
15. Maxi San Miguel (Collective Phenomena in Complex Social Networks)
16. Juan A. Acebron (Enhancement of signal response in complex networks induced by topology)
17. Jim Kadtke (Enhanced Predictability of Hierarchical Propagation in Complex Networks)
18. Luca Gammaitoni (Magnetic Field Nonlinear Nano-detectors)
19. Nigel G. Stocks (Optimal signal coding and suprathreshold stochastic resonance with applications)
20. Mark McDonnell (Applying stochastic signal quantization and suprathreshold stochastic resonance theory to the robust digitization of noisy analog signals in sensors and digital receivers.)
21. Alfred W. Hubler (Resonance Curves of Multidimensional Chaotic Systems)
22. Hiroyuki Torikai (Learning of Digital Spiking Neuron and its application potentials)
23. Takashi Hikihara (Dynamics in manipulation and actuation of nano-particles)
24. Stephen Carr (Nonlinear Buckling Instabilities of Free-Standing Mesoscopic Beams)
25. Derek Abbott (Developments in Parrondo's paradox)
26. Dag Winkler (High-Tc SQUID systems for in-vitro magneto physiology and immunoassays)
27. Kenya Jin'no (Synchronization Phenomena for Graph Coloring Problem)
28. Jia-Ming Liu (Semiconductor Laser Dynamics for Novel Applications)
29. Tohru Ikeguch (Nonlinear Prediction Intervals by the Bootstrap Resampling)
30. Mark I. Dykman (Quantum Measurements with Dynamically Bistable Systems)

Poster session

1. Aven, John (Dynamics and Noise in dc-SQUID Magnetometer Arrays)
2. Bashkirtseva, Irina (Stochastically forced nonlinear oscillations:sensitivity, bifurcations and control)
3. Cothern, John (Simultaneous, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Beam Antennas Employing Synchronous Oscillator Arrays)
4. Hernandez, Mayra (Coupled, Nonhomogeneous, Fluxgate Sensors)
5. Hoshino, Takashi (A new diversification method to solve vehicle routing problems using chaotic dynamics)
6. Kato, Hideyuki (Self-oraganized neural network structures depending on the STDP learning rules)
7. Kimura, Takayuki (Communication in computer networks with chaotic neurodynamics)
8. Lainscsek, Claudia (Nonlinear DDE Analysis of Repetitive Hand Movements in Parkinsons Disease)
9. Lui, Norman (Experimental Results of Coupled E-field Sensor)
10. Lukin, Konstantin (Chaos Generators for Noise Radar)
11. Martins, Teresa (Resonance Induced by the Presence of Inhibitory Couplings)
12. Mayer-Kress, Gottfried (Taking Advantage of Fast Warm-Up Time Scales to Enhance Performance Levels During Training of Complex Motor Tasks)
13. Naik, Suketu (Analysis of Nonlinear Bistable Circuits )
14. Ryashko, Lev (Mean square stability analysis and control for stochastic attractors of nonlinear dynamic systems)
15. Vu, Huy (Network of Coupled Gyroscopes)