ICAND 2010


International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics 


Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, September, 21-24 2010



The meeting is a continuation to the 2007 ICAND, held in Poipu Beach, Koloa (Kauai), Hawaii, USA, and the 2005 DANOLD (Device Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics) meeting, held in Catania, Italy. ThLake Louiseese meeting brought together researchers from physics, engineering, and biology who were involved in the analysis and development of applications that incorporate and, indeed, exploit the nonlinear behavior of certain dynamical systems. ICAND's focus is on the implementation of theoretical ideas into actual devices and systems. However, realizing that theoretical ideas and discoveries march to the beat of their own drum, the meeting will also feature some novel theoretical ideas that have not yet made it to the drawing board, but show great promise for future development of cutting-edge technologies.








Inivited Speakers

1. Mandell, Arnold J. ( Strudels, Day Dreaming and Thought Blocking MEG Sensor Field Dynamical Correlates of the Inattentive Mind )
2. Kho, Andy ( Nonlinear Channelizer for RF Communication )
3. Nayak, Chitra R. ( Chimera states in nonlocally coupled sine circle maps )
4. Leung, Daniel (Adaptive Injection-Locked Oscillator Array for Broad Spectrum RF Analysis )
5. Lie, Donald ( The Experimental Findings of 1-Dimensional Monolithic Coupled-VCO Array )
6. Ott, Ed ( Emergent Behavior in Large Systems of Coupled Phase Oscillators )
7. Shilzerman, Eli (Principal compent analysis for low-dimensional modeling of mode-locked lasers)
8. Family, Fereydoon (Complex Synchronization and Chaos in Driven Overdamped Ratchets )
9. Nakano, Hidehiro ( A data gathering scheme in wireless sensor networks based on synchronization of chaotic spiking oscillator networks )
10. Torikai, Hiroyuki ( Nonlinear dynamical system approaches towards neural prosthesis )
11. Murali, K. ( Noise Enhanced Logic Gates )
12. Dahmen, Karin ( Avalanches and Universality in condensed matter )
13. Lindenberg, Katja ( Pulse Propagation in Granular Chains )
14. Showalter, Ken (Motion Analysis of Self-Propelled Pt-Silica Particles in Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions )
15. Umeno, Ken ( Performance of Chaotic Monte Carlo Computation and Chaos Codes for Communications: Theory and Experiments )
16. Turner, Kimberly ( Using Nonlinearity to enhance Micro/NanoSensor Performance )
17. Gammaitoni, Luca ( Nonlinear Energy Harvesting )
18. Spano, Mark L. ( Nonlinear Dynamical Approach to Docking of Small Boats with Ships )
19. Sato, Masayuki ( Applications of Intrinsic localized modes in MEMS arrays )
20. Corron, Ned ( A Matched Filter For Communicating With Chaos )
21. Gupta, Neelima ( Transport characterizers in communication Networks )
22. Kamin, Nick ( Low Power Devices )
23. Longhini, Patrick ( Coupled Serial and Parallel non-uniform SQUIDs )
24. Buono, Pietro-Luciano ( Symmetry-breaking bifurcations in systems of symmetrically coupled rings of fast/slow cells. )
25. Roy, Raj (Adaptive synchronization experiments on a network of optoelectronic chaotic oscillators )
26. Doi, Shinji (Chaos and variability of inter-spike intervals in neuronal models with slow-fast dynamics )
27. Daw, Stuart (Dynamic instabilities in spark-ignited combustion engines with high exhaust gas recirculation )
28. Dana, Syamal ( Engineering synchronization in chaotic oscillators )
29. Hikihara, Takashi ( Nonlinear and hybrid dynamics in power system )
30. Gathman, Tim ( Injection Locked Spectrum Analyzers )
31. Lai, Ying Cheng ( Chaos in Micro/Nano-Scale Systems and Applications )
32. Horio, Yoshihiko (Applications of High-Dimensional Chaotic Dynamics to Complex Computational Systems )

Poster session

1. Aven, John L. ( Complexity of the taskless mind at different time-scales: An empirically weighted approach to decomposition and measurement)
2. Bozeman, Eric (Ultra low power electronics)
3. Phillips, Caleb (Strange beta: Chaotic variations for indoor rock climbing route setting)
4. Fierens, P. I. (On the effect of noise and electronics bandwidth on a stochastic-resonance memory device)
5. Hanusse, Patrick (A novel approach to anharmonicity for a wealth of applications in nonlinear science technologies)
6. Vu, Huy (An overview of a perturbation analysis for uni-directionally coupled vibratory gyroscopes)
7. Lum, Gregory (Subthreshold SPICE model optimization)
8. Nayak, Chitra R. (Creation and annihilation of fluxons in ac-driven semiannular Josephson junction)




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